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Sensory Awakening for Schools

Sensory Awakening for SchoolsSensory Awakening Programme - A Warm Up for Learning

The Sensory Awakening Programme has been designed to provide children, young people and adults with safe and fun sensory activities that help them to start the day in an organised and calm manner and continue learning throughout the day. 

As adults, our lifestyles nowadays mean that we rush about from task to task and our sensory systems find it quite difficult to stay calm! We may use foods such as coffee and chocolate to give ourselves quick boosts to get going in the morning or to keep going during the day. But how do we keep our sensory systems from being too stressed? We use activities such as exercise, relaxing music, reading books, cooking etc. We are able to choose what activities we need at what time.

The Motorvate Sensory Awakening Programme contains a series of 10 minute programmes designed to wake up the senses and be either alerting or calming as appropriate.  The programme  provides structured safe activities that the class can use on a daily basis to allow the brain at a given time to be at its optimum learning potential. These programmes are often recommended to be carried out at the start of a school day or after difficult periods (for some) like break and lunchtimes. 

Currently being used in special schools and the primary sector the Motorvate Sensory Awakening Programme is proving a useful tool for the teacher as a ‘warm up’ for learning and, like our Motor Skills Programme, staff training is included with the price of the package.  Motorvate staff meet with teachers to discuss needs prior to introducing the programme and are available to carry follow up work in schools as required


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