Tuesday, 26th October 2021

Equality and Diversity Policy

This policy applies to all staff, volunteers, management Board members, young people and their families.


  • Promoting equality and diversity are central to the work of our Social Enterprise.
  • Motorvate Therapies Ltd will treat all people with dignity and respect, valuing the diversity of all.  It will promote equality of opportunity and diversity.


  •  Promote equality of opportunity and diversity in volunteering, employment and development.
  •  Create effective partnerships with all parts of our community.


The objectives of Motorvate Therapies Ltd are to realise its standards by:

  •  Regularly evaluating and continually improving its services to ensure equality and diversity principles and best practice are embedded in our performance to meet the needs of individuals and groups.
  •  Working together with the community to provide accessible and relevant services which reflect the needs of our clients.
  •  Ensuring staff, volunteers and Board members are representative of the community served.
  •  Recognising and valuing the differences and individual contribution that all people make to the organisation.
  •  Challenging discrimination.
  •  Being accountable.

Responsibility for Implementation

The overall responsibility for ensuring adherence to and implementation of this policy lies with the staff and the Board of Management.

Method of Implementation

  • Ensure that Board members, volunteers and staff and are familiar with this policy.
  • Monitor  the services  provided by the organisation to ensure that they are accessible to all sections of the population and do not discriminate against anyone, while taking active steps to ensure that participation is representative.

Monitoring and Reviewing

Motorvate Therapies Ltd is committed to establishing, developing, implementing and reviewing a policy of equality of opportunity. Effective record keeping and monitoring, and acting on information gathered are essential in order to measure effectiveness and plan progress. The Board of management will review the policy annually.






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